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Introduction of Basti

About Basti

The township, spread over an area of 2688 square kilometers, is part of a vast plain spread in the foothills of the Himalayas. The boundary of this district is made up of Sant Kabir Nagar district in the east, Gonda district in the west and Siddharthnagar in the north. The southern boundary of the township is formed by the river Ghaghra.
The name of this district was formerly known as Vasishthi, which was named after Maharishi Vasistha. Later the same Vasishthi became a colony as Apabhramsa. Basti got the status of Tehsil in 1801. In 1865 AD, Basti became a district. At that time, this district came under Gorakhpur division. Later, the districts of Siddharthnagar and Sant Kabir Nagar were made from this district itself. On July 04, 1997, the township received Mandal status. At present, Basti is reputed as Mandal.
Ghaghra, Kuwanas, Manorama, Aami and Ravi are the main rivers here. During the Ramayana period, the hermitage of Maharishi Vashistha was located within the boundary of this district. In the same district, before the birth of Lord Rama, Maharaj Dasharath performed the Putreshti Yajna at the place named Makhauda. Shrinagginari, Baba Moksheshwar Nath, Bhadeshwar Nath, Tapsidham, Manorama at Lalganj - Kuanam Sangam, Tilakpur Shiva Temple, Tilakpur Shiva Temple, Raja Zalim Singh Fort situated in Amodha, Cantonment Martyr Memorial, Sant Ravidas Van Vihar, birthplace of Sant Ravidas Shukla Aguna, Varah region, Chandotala etc. are main centers of faith and tourism.
In the field of Hindi literature, the grand Nakshatra Acharya Ram Chandra Shukla is the product of this soil. Shri Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena was also born in this district. The birthplace of the famous saint Deoraha Baba is in the Umaria village of this district.
In the township where more than 250 patriotic martyrs were hanged from the tree branch at the martyr's memorial in the cantonment on one side, the fort of King Zalim Singh was demolished. At the same time, the heroic story of Queen Tahori Kunwari is still echoing in the public.
In Bhadeshwar Nath, a big fair is organized on Trayodashi of Shravan month, in which lakhs of devotees take part.
Introduction of Basti Mahotsav

About Basti Mahotsav

Basti Mahotsav is a mega event to celebrate the history, art, culture & tradition of various places, specifically of the host district Basti which is very significant from “historic point of view” and UP East.
This mega event provides the platform to various sections of society to showcase their talent. Through this event, we have endeavored to promote the government schemes and products among general public through stalls and other means.
This event also constitutes of Handloom stalls which is another attempt to enhance and promote handicraft & small-scale industries.
As a whole, this event is a complete package which includes everything for everyone from healthy yoga sessions to Talent Hunt/ Yuva Mahotsav to various Stalls like Government stalls, consumer durable stalls, furniture stalls, handloom stalls, etc., Fun Zone for kids, Food Zone consisting of food items from different places of the nation & Entertainment Evening wherein nationally and internationally recognized artists would be giving alluring performances to engage the audience.

Our Aim


To introduce, showcase and promote the art and culture of host city Basti, local areas, national & international art & culture to distinct people.
To promote various government schemes, small scale industries, Handloom, Handicraft among general public through stalls.
To provide a national platform to local talents, recognize & reward them